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david parrish tadabase consultant

Hi, I'm Dave Parrish.
Your Tadabase consultant. 

Need training, on-going support, someone to develop your app outright ... or are you just stuck and need help getting over a Tadabase build hump? 

Let's talk. 

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My Services

Tadabase is a no-code database app building platform, that is simple to use but very powerful. It allows businesses to built apps that work with their existing processes, instead of adapting to a prepackaged solution.  You can sign up for a free Tadabase trial here.  Sometimes you may not have the time or are challenged with some of the more advanced features, that's why I'm here. 

tadabase app building


Helping define the requirements, scoping the projects, and executing the build and deployment of the custom app.

tadabase training


Learn the basic quickly, and I'll show you how to deal with the complex stuff too, so you can keep moving ahead with your app.  Minimize the learning curve. 

tadabase development


Is the person who built your Tadabase app no longer available? Build approaches differ, and getting up to speed quickly saves the you time and expense getting the project on track.  

tadabase support

Tadabase SUPPORT

Have a database issue and want to talk with a human quickly to get it resolved?  I have lots of these arrangements where I serve as your on-demand support guy.  

tadabase app review


Let's make sure the design of your Tadabase app is set up correctly, the connections are correctly made, and best practices are followed. Another set of experienced eyes can really help down the road. 

tadabase database


Getting your old data in to your newly built app can be quite a challenge.  I'm extensively experienced with the precise processes of preparing, aligning, and importing past data into your new app.  

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About Me

tadabase developer

Dave Parrish

Hello.  I've been a full time low-code database developer for several years, building and training on a number of platforms.  Tadabase has really hit a spot in this space, and I think it's great.  So much that I created this site, my services offerings, my blog, and YouTube channel ... all focused on Tadabase.

My consulting practice is based in Ohio and is dedicated to improving process performance by using best-in-class cloud based low-code development tools.  


I have rock solid business experience ... in finance, operations management, and process improvement. So I bring real world experience on how apps should work for the user, along with the database know-how to get them built.


My clients are small companies, large firms, and non-profits in numerous countries. I'd love to help your organization meet its data streamlining goals.  Let's talk.

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"Dave’s communication is one of the keys to our success—he has been responsive, detailed and flexible."

Kara R., National Trade Association

Working with Me

Here's a copy of what I give first time clients, so I thought I would share it here to get an idea of what it's like working with me.  

Office Hours

My time zone in Ohio, USA is UTC-04:00 (Eastern Standard Time).


I work normal hours from Monday to Friday. But if you have an emergency I likely can get it taken care outside regular work hours. 

My calendar is aways accessible in the signature box of my emails, or on this site.  Feel free to check that and even schedule there too.


If the time/dates listed there don't work, just email me and we'll find something that does. 


I'm quite good with communicating with clients and promise to respond to inquiries within a timely manner.


I mostly use Zoom for client calls, but happy to meet on any of your preferred services. We can also record the call if requested. 


If you are into project management systems like Asana or Trello, I encourage that.  These are great for seeing the status of important items and assigning to-do's to individuals. 

Let's Promise This

• Good communication - Requests and emails are clear, and responses are timely.

• Respect our time - Try to make bookings in advance, and show up. Give notice if things change. 

• Project Budget & Scope – If things with the project ever seem to be taking a turn off scope, I'll bring this up as soon as possible, so we can discuss a game plan to minimize any budget issues.


If you need an NDA signed, just let me know. 


Any documents given to me are stored on my protected and encrypted computer. 


If you ever give me passwords, they are only stored in my secure password manager and never shared or written down. 

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